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Posted On April 21, 2015By Ken NelsonIn Featured, Tips, Video

Seeing what you need to see

Calling shots means taking a picture of WHEN THE GUN FIRES and interpreting it in terms of the needs of the shot.  Here Ron explains the importance of “seeing what you need to see”, what you need to see to make different types of shots, seeing while shooting on the move, and the #1 mistake people make when trying to learn to call shots.Read More
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Posted On April 6, 2015By Ken NelsonIn Featured, Video

1.89 Plate Rack from the Draw

Most people stand to practice their draw. So why not learn a technique that you can practice in that easy and comfortable position, but that works in a car, sitting in a cafe booth, or sitting in front of your computer.  Plus… it’s fast, we regularly get .7 draws to 4×9 inch targets at 7 to 10 yards when standing. The video was taken at our most recent bootcamp. This is a classic example, btw, of the interaction at bootcamps.Read More
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Posted On February 16, 2015By Team TPCIn Featured, Tips, Video

Minimizing Momentum Speeds Accurate Shooting

Throwing the gun at the target during the draw, or when shooting multiple targets, may seem a fast approach to shooting, but it isn’t. The draw completes the stance. You want to be setup for future shots at the end of it. Throwing the gun out hard, resulting in a less effective stance, hurts you on later shots whether on the same target or multiple ones.  The gun bobbing around at the end of the push, also makes your first shot less accurate, because “seeing what you need to see”, the sights aligned on the target, becomes harder andRead More
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25 one inch dots. 3 shots each. 3 to 7 yards. Maintain focus on trigger release, sight picture, follow thru (both muzzle and sight picture). This exercise (and target) requires good habits that pay dividends when you shoot faster and/or farther away.   On a limited ammo budget? On an unlimited ammo budget? In either case, doing this exercise regularly will be the best 75 rounds you spend at the range.  Grab this target here: More
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Here is a taste of Day 2 at Handgun Bootcamp.  To help with fast, accurate, first shots, we work through a series of exercises designed to have the gun rise to the targets with the sights aligned. This lets you shoot earlier and more accurately than other techniques.  Having the muzzle bounce around at the end of a “punch” presentation, wastes time if you wait for the sights to settle, or leads to errant shots if you don’t wait.   Presenting with sights aligned naturally and automatically leads to earlier,Read More
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Posted On January 28, 2015By Ken NelsonIn Featured, Video

First things first, getting off the X

When we run students through defensive training, and also in our TPC Battery measurement system, one of the skills covered is “getting off the X”. The primary goal is don’t get hurt while giving you time to deploy your weapon, and space to stay safe. When we start this 100% of students go for their weapon first, then start getting out of the threat’s reach or line of fire. Here Ron discusses what your sequence SHOULD be, and shows you how to train to succeed.Read More
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Posted On January 28, 2015By Ken NelsonIn Targets, Video

The versatile 5″ circle

Ron discusses the versatile 5″ TPC Circle target. Grab it here, and get busy!Read More
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Posted On January 28, 2015By Ken NelsonIn Bootcamp Experience, Featured, Video

Bootcamp Experience: Pliable Hands

Get a taste of 3 minutes at bootcamp as Ron discusses “pliable hands” and how to keep control of your handgun with less effort.Read More