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UPOA Match Competitor

Posted On January 8, 2016By Dave ShoreIn Featured, LEO

TPC National Law Enforcement MultiGun Championship

The Tactical Performance Center is proud to present the National Law Enforcement MultiGun Championship, hosted by the Utah Peace Officer’s Association! We believe that competition shooting is an irreplaceable component in a well-rounded LE training package, so we are proud to be the title sponsor of this Law Enforcement Only MultiGun Event. Stay tuned to this page for any and all match updates, after we list our sponsors! Title Sponsor Hosting/Presenting Sponsor Patrol Division Sponsor Practical Division Sponsor Critical Information Register Here Dates: September 23-25 Law Enforcement Officers Only! (Retirees, ReserveRead More
Ron Avery discussing Grip Strength
This is a little off the beaten path in terms of what we normally see in the world of strength training and that is specific training to improve shooting performance with the handgun for high speed action shooting events, self-defense or combat.   The demands of the shooting grip for high performance shooting, along with wrist, forearm and upper body strength are unique in that you must be able to simultaneously maintain a consistent, firm grip on the weapon while maintaining a sight picture and manipulating only the trigger fingerRead More
Peak Performance Training with Ron Avery, Optimize your training time to maximize results.

Posted On August 25, 2015By Ron AveryIn Featured, Ron's Corner

Peak Performance Training Guidelines

By Ron Avery, created for PoliceOne.com   I get asked quite frequently about how to train, what training drills should be done and how to increase performance in specific areas. It seems that everybody wants to improve something and is looking for things to “add to the toolbox”.   Before long, you have a baggage car full of information that is two miles long that, while interesting, will not really help you improve your skills in an organized structured way.   Knowing and understanding something and being able to do itRead More
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Posted On April 21, 2015By Ken NelsonIn Featured, Tips, Video

Seeing what you need to see

Calling shots means taking a picture of WHEN THE GUN FIRES and interpreting it in terms of the needs of the shot.  Here Ron explains the importance of “seeing what you need to see”, what you need to see to make different types of shots, seeing while shooting on the move, and the #1 mistake people make when trying to learn to call shots.Read More
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Posted On April 6, 2015By Ken NelsonIn Featured, Video

1.89 Plate Rack from the Draw

I’m a 1911 shooter. I’ve shot a 2011 or 1911 in competition for the last five years, and I love the gun. Recently I decided to shoot for a USPSA Grand Master classification in Production division (where 1911s are specifically not allowed), which set me looking for a good 9mm factory pistol. I’m not a fan of shooting Glocks (simply because I don’t like the grip), and thought I’d found a good solution with a Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Pro Series. I ran a few classifiers with it and was mostlyRead More
Most people stand to practice their draw. So why not learn a technique that you can practice in that easy and comfortable position, but that works in a car, sitting in a cafe booth, or sitting in front of your computer.  Plus… it’s fast, we regularly get .7 draws to 4×9 inch targets at 7 to 10 yards when standing. The video was taken at our most recent bootcamp. This is a classic example, btw, of the interaction at bootcamps.Read More
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Posted On February 16, 2015By Team TPCIn Featured, Tips, Video

Minimizing Momentum Speeds Accurate Shooting

Throwing the gun at the target during the draw, or when shooting multiple targets, may seem a fast approach to shooting, but it isn’t. The draw completes the stance. You want to be setup for future shots at the end of it. Throwing the gun out hard, resulting in a less effective stance, hurts you on later shots whether on the same target or multiple ones.  The gun bobbing around at the end of the push, also makes your first shot less accurate, because “seeing what you need to see”, the sights aligned on the target, becomes harder andRead More
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25 one inch dots. 3 shots each. 3 to 7 yards. Maintain focus on trigger release, sight picture, follow thru (both muzzle and sight picture). This exercise (and target) requires good habits that pay dividends when you shoot faster and/or farther away.   On a limited ammo budget? On an unlimited ammo budget? In either case, doing this exercise regularly will be the best 75 rounds you spend at the range.  Grab this target here: http://www.tacticalperformancecenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/6_TPC_Target_-_1_inch_Circles_2014.pdfRead More