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25 one inch dots. 3 shots each. 3 to 7 yards. Maintain focus on trigger release, sight picture, follow thru (both muzzle and sight picture). This exercise (and target) requires good habits that pay dividends when you shoot faster and/or farther away.   On a limited ammo budget? On an unlimited ammo budget? In either case, doing this exercise regularly will be the best 75 rounds you spend at the range.  Grab this target here: http://www.tacticalperformancecenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/6_TPC_Target_-_1_inch_Circles_2014.pdfRead More

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The versatile Trigger Bar Target

You don’t need fancy targets to get your fundamentals solid. Print this target on an 81/2×11 printer paper, put it up, and get busy. Here Ron Avery, our Director of Training, explains the infinite variety and utility you can get from 3 simple bars on a page.  Read More