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Minimizing Momentum Speeds Accurate Shooting

Throwing the gun at the target during the draw, or when shooting multiple targets, may seem a fast approach to shooting, but it isn’t.

The draw completes the stance. You want to be setup for future shots at the end of it. Throwing the gun out hard, resulting in a less effective stance, hurts you on later shots whether on the same target or multiple ones.  The gun bobbing around at the end of the push, also makes your first shot less accurate, because “seeing what you need to see”, the sights aligned on the target, becomes harder and your circular error grows much larger.

You can be just as fast getting the gun to the target, and more importantly, HAVING IT STAY ON TARGET once there, by minimizing momentum. In the draw, we can do this in a couple of ways. We can let gravity aid in stopping the momentum by lifting the gun up to the target as we extend. We can also allow the gun to decelerate as we extend, with the idea of touching the target with the end of the barrel. Sometimes we need to “put on the brakes” as we extend. All this is just the opposite of what is commonly taught, i.e. “Punching the gun at the target”. However, it leads to faster, more precise and repeatable shots on target and is a guiding principle, not just a variation of the draw or gun movement.

For multiple targets, instead of pulling or muscling the gun around with your arms, use the lower part of your body to move it. It will go just as fast, but be smoother/softer on arrival.

Ron shows the technique, and then uses a glass of water to explain gun momentum and how to minimize it.


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