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Why TPC?

My path to TPC is not the typical one, if there is a typical path to being a firearms trainer.

I am a serial entrepreneur. I dig starting companies, solving customer problems, and beating the competition. I carry a gun every day. I am an avid pistol and multi-gun competitor. Through that hobby I found myself running one of the largest ranges, and the largest matches, in the country. As operator of a range with a thousands of visitors every year, we hosted training classes, and I was approached by numerous trainers about partnering. I declined. They were good folks, and we still host classes with some at the range, but I feel strongly that either you go in big, and best, or you don’t do it. That’s especially true for someone relatively successful already. Why bother… unless it’s worth it!

I’d known Ron Avery for about 6 years, having first squadded with him in a match in Colorado. I measure folks in the shooting world by how they treat my son, who at the time was 11, and just getting started on what has become a terrific shooting career. He was great with Brian, very helpful, a hard worker, and free with his insights on high performance shooting. So when Ron approached me, first about what would evolve into the TPC Battery, I listened. I watched him teach. And I became even more impressed. I’ve trained thousands of shooters over the last 4 years on my own, and I saw skill I wanted to partner with. Ron didn’t use drills, he used principle. He focused on each student. And he taught me like the smart grownup I am.

After discussing and planning for a few months we launched TPC in January of 2014. We used that year as a test year, to learn about each other, to see what the market held, and to adapt Ron’s training techniques to a broader range of shooting skills. We also invested heavily in the range, and in training instructors. We now enter 2015 smarter, with a great range for teaching, 10 talented cadre that met stringent teaching, shooting, and people skill assessments, and a broad catalog of classes. We’ve formalized the TPC Battery, and are even going to launch a new type of competition geared towards defense and normal guns that people carry.

Among our “wins” for 2014 was bringing on Jay Dunlap. I’ve known Jay for about 7 years, primarily in his role as the lead sales guy for STI (the premiere handgun manufacturer). Jay brings deep industry knowledge with an emphasis on channel and partner building. He showed this at SHOT 2015 last week, and we are already seeing the fruits of his expertise. Plus he’s just a great guy. Jay is why you will start seeing content from TPC throughout the industry, and even offers for our training in large regional gun shops and distributors.

So why TPC? The answer, ultimately, is because the best aligned at the same time, and there couldn’t NOT be a TPC. It just made too much sense.

I’m excited for 2015 and beyond. And the reasons for my excitement boils down to 2 things – great people and a great philosophy. Great people, I’ve covered above. But philosophy? It’s quite simple… The first thing we cover when you attend our training is that we measure our performance through yours. After all, our product isn’t really training… it’s your performance when you get home. We are hearing great things from those who trained with us in 2014. We’ve had folks contact us with their gunfight survival (or avoidance) stories. The one that struck me most was from a woman facing a home invasion risk that had the confidence to get her pistol and be ready to defend her house. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that, but we are proud of her, and of our trainers, that she felt should ‘could do it”.

So come train with us in 2014. We will treat you like a grown up. We will build your skills individually. We will have fun. And ultimately, we will measure how we do, through how you do.


Ken Nelson