Greetings and welcome to our Tactical Performance Center!  It’s been a long journey for me personally, spanning 35 years of professional training and interaction with individuals all over the world to finally arrive at the place I want to be in my career. I will write more about the journey in my book, yes, my book that I am writing this year.

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Why Ken & I Started TPC

Greetings and welcome to our Tactical Performance Center!  It’s been a long journey for me personally, spanning 35 years of professional training and interaction with individuals all over the world to finally arrive at the place I want to be in my career. I will write more about the journey in my book, yes, my book that I am writing this year.

I will write about a variety of things as time goes on. For my first post, I would like to explain who we are and what we do that will help you understand us better.

I had a vision of what I wanted to achieve over the last decade or more and I was actively looking for the right partner who shared similar values to do it with. When I met Ken Nelson back in 2012, we both felt that we had a good fit and, over the course of a couple of years, discussed starting a brand new kind of training facility, dedicated to teaching the path to tactical excellence and world class performance to be used in the widest variety of circumstances possible. From these discussions, The Tactical Performance Center (TPC) was born in 2014.

My blog is my personal connection to all of you from all of us at TPC. In a training world full of hype, myth and just plain BS, I hope to be a breath of fresh air and practical wisdom for you. I believe we are all peers, brought together by a love of shooting, outdoor recreation, freedom, doing the right things and protecting society from those who would tear it down around us. I have a lot of things to discuss, peer to peer, with you as time goes on.

I will also tell you what we are not. We are not “shock jock” trainers. We don’t yell and scream at anyone. We don’t put out stupid drivel designed to polarize the audience and inflate ourselves with self-importance. We don’t tell war stories while teaching outdated doctrine that we have spruced up and pretend that it is something new and improved over the basic dogma of the past 20 years it came from. We don’t steal other people’s information and pretend we came up with it and we don’t use “smoke and mirrors” designed to baffle you with pseudo-scientific jargon. We don’t sell fantasy tours of a zombie apocalypse or the imminent collapse of society into nuclear doom with a fanatical gleam in our eyes.

We don’t dress in $400 Crye Pants, the latest camo wear, the latest fashion eyewear, trendy battle belts and tactical fashion accouterments hanging from our bodies. We don’t have 3 guns, 2 knives, 2 flashlights, body armor and enough ammo on us to make sure we could never swim to shore without inflating our personal flotation device found in our tactical vest which we just didn’t happen to be wearing at the time….Especially when we are talking about practical street carry for every day wear. Now if we are talking battlefield and specialized environments, different story.

We are different from other training institutions in some very profound ways. We don’t believe in “Keep it Simple, Stupid” because a lot of it isn’t simple and we don’t believe you are stupid. Simply put, if you want to reach advanced levels of skill, you need more information, training and experience than you do just plinking for fun without pressure.

We teach the science of reactive shooting for real world application as well as competitive shooting. We use a sophisticated training model, adult learning concepts and a principle-based approach. We explain why each concept is important before we get into it. We give you more freedom to choose what approach is right for you and from there, help you develop your own style that is right for you.

Next is our approach to training. We believe and teach “High Definition Training” and I believe we are the best in the industry in teaching true world class performance in the greatest detail possible so that you truly do get an in-depth experience of how things really work.

We use the concept of “Sunlight”, “Flashlight” and “Laser Beam” as it applies to each level of training you receive. Sunlight is the big picture. We discuss how it will be used, why it is important and what it looks like so that you know where you are going before we get into the training.

Flashlight gives you a closer look at the principles and concepts that the performance is based on so that you can develop more powerful techniques once you know how to use the principles better.

Laser Beams are the small details that are absolutely critical for top performance to be realized. And this is one area where we excel far beyond what other training institutions have to offer.

We believe in training synergy, whereby cross training in a variety of disciplines makes you a better and more well-rounded performer than just engaging in one discipline all the time. We use both tactical training and competitive shooting. We take what is best from each and fuse them into a winning formula that will teach you how to perform under pressure and truly get you on the path to world class performance if you wish to pursue it.

We train and employ highly qualified instructors and shooters that have great people skills. Many are true world class shooters themselves. They are wedded to the idea, as we are, that we measure our success through your success. We want you to succeed and we will leave no stone unturned while you are here to make that happen.

We use video analysis in certain courses to give you feedback and help you make corrections and learn. We also have the TPC Battery, along with other testing applications, where you get to compare your skill against some of the best shooters in the world and see where your true skill lies. We have TPC competitions, where you can use your street gear to compete and gain skill and confidence with it.

No one course can possibly teach you everything you need to learn to develop all the skills you hope to learn. We have developed a university approach to training, with different curriculums and modules designed to take you in the direction you are interested in learning.

For 2015, we are excited to bring to you more training experiences that cover Instructor, Carbine and Competition as well as our highly successful Handgun Boot Camp. We have also created a variety of one or two day “Fast Track” modules that take certain areas of training and focus like a laser beam on them. Later in 2015, we will be introducing the tactical “Fast Track” modules with force on force and other areas of life skills in them.

Our new VIP program allows you to take as much training as you have time for in a calendar year for one fee. Be sure to check it out.

We are very focused on your needs while you are here. If you need ammo, guns, gear, eye or ear protection or just plain advice; we are happy to help.

We appreciate your time and commitment and we are committed to giving you the best possible experience when you come to TPC. We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we are working hard to making it even better in 2015. I look forward to working with you and forging strong friendships in the future.